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released May 4, 2017

SamRi x P-Rob
SamRi -
P-Rob -
All Tracks Produced, Mixed & Mastered By SamRi



all rights reserved


SamRi San Diego, California


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Track Name: Episode I

Hit up Mario it go down in the barrio
My chain hang heavy as men with bad cardio
High before budda, done been my own tutor
Darth Samareezy got clones and stormtroopers
Usually swig the henny sparkin pot out in a parkin lot
Jibber jabbers talkin and blockin they own income
Who took it from the bottom to top and then some?
GSE the method game deadly an alliance
Mind past orion stackin up off of the clients
Honey Iranian fiendin for the Guamanian
Shooter round the corner kept peace like a Canadian
Break the bread evenly shook the game with his own voice
No Limit to his shit he on his Hot Boyz
Treating all the minds of the locals just like a tazer
Never had no tongue the thing replaced with a razor
Ninja foot fast and silent they never heard the blast



I got more reef than great barrier
Got high soon as I stepped off of the air carrier
Emcees scared
dread locked
like rastafari hair is
I'm fearless
I seen death near And said I'm here bitch
His bones they froze
Dead ass
He told me you cold
gave me his robe and bolted
Scyth in my hand I hold it
Like thor I grip the tool
I'm fully loaded
you foolish fools
could go and hold the crown
I seen it passed around
so much it isn't worth the dirt on my old charlotte hornet fitted
You could be the king but even pharoes get outfitted In they final outfits
Likely that they didn't even pick it
Till the death
Digits grippin
Pad n pen
The definition
of a artist is one who could paint a vision
Shout out to jada Pinkett smith
I'm spittin wicked wisdom
For any and every single ear that wanna listen
In other languages
Underated on Univision
To try and stop me from flyin high is A losin mission
Track Name: Episode II
We set the rhyming trends
So why you mad like kylo ren
Might write a punchline
wind up on yo chin
I'm going in
Control a pen like anakin
Before he lost his hand
Unafraid to enter foreign lands

Told baby hands off, stay prepped for stand off
Her hands soft like a baby's skin, she radiant,
Twist wit my pomeranians pounds of yoda
Central valley holders whippin yola
Shout my swamp raised killahs straight out in Dagobah

Earth is boring
Me and SamRi about to do a tour on Endor for some ewoks
That's just how we rock
I do a moonwalk wearing reeboks
Who dropping classics
Whenever we talk
Can you even keep up

Darth maul-e-whoppin since free, like olly oxin
Apocalypse now, like hollywood late in the 70's
Concoct bars chemically out in GSE embassy
Fin type of traitors get dropped, my dog will smell them all


Can I get a cold drink at the cantina
For my team ah heathens
Mess with GSE
My Family
You'll end up missing like Hayden Christiansen since Two thousand 6
Two jedis burning sticks
Getting ripped like movie tix

Fronter is belly up, find me at a new telly sucked
You bird flippin rappers aint shit my falcon millenium
Shotty shorty sittin body armor pimpin gully mind
Greedo in cantinas takin shots with all latinas

You can't join us
You can't beat us
Only option is to flee us
When I roll up
Yo it's over
Fully armed
like I am Grievous
We got bitches
Falling out
When they see us
Like beliebers
Flow is colder than a freezing day on Hoth in shorts n tshirts

You might been had the strap but all his shooters had AR's 2
Yo girl I know you like girls, but saw me and want D2
Scottie Pippen pullin molly piff in sip ciroc n guiness
Godly gifted roundhouse swingin quicker than karate kickin'
Track Name: Episode III
Hustlers and Hardcore x2
Hustlers and Hardcore Raw Reservoir Dogs


What up kid? Big dog thangs don't mind toto
Step in divine polo tha pilot he Han Solo
Get to actin up, GS stay on the stackin up
Deathstar tractor beam on the benz and I'm clappin em
Honey sayin always, game is that of an arcade
Sex reminded her of 79 AD Pompeii
Hot shit, come and get it, Mustafar the way he rip it
Alien, spaced out mind and a human cranium
Cordially invited some shorty's with the papyrus
Some shorty's with all the fire, some O.E.'s 40's and lighters
I can spot the rats by how they're biting their cuticles
Poison all the cheese and turn their musical - funeral
Ate em at the bottom like Boba Fett, behead them like his pops
Even as a youngin had scotch on the rocks
(Raw like) This the voice of a fight just to get through
Purple in my hand always like Mace Windu

Hustlers and Hardcore Raw Reservoir Dogs x4


I'm scratching classics to my galaxy
let's battle droids
It isn't Beastie Boys
Another dimension I'm entering
When it come to the penmanship
Rip to Carrie Fish
Layin shit official
Till the day I drift
Others made a switch
Like the Verizon guy who went and changed to Sprint
Can you hear me now
Southern cali
In Malibu we be
Team eating sashimi GSE
Cena can't see me
No bull
I'm noble
Nobu on planet Noboo
I'm global
You should never force the flow
I got grips that'll choke you
No matter what city I'm in
sick as Sidious skin is
Ill with the pen
since the very beginning
A long time ago
Far away up in the distance
Nigga winning
Finn I survive to the finish
You could try to diminish
You'll end up missing
Like blasts from a troopers digits
We the future of this shizit

Hustlers and Hardcore Raw Reservoir Dogs x4

Joe Dank

Mind tricks of jedi og Skywalker with red eyes
Cruisin Curtis starfield super fly
Who is I
The guy that brought the light to Darkside
Cantina band jammin while I get in barfight
Words will leave em slaughtered
chew bacca
Choppa gone rock ya
Tuck the light Saber case a hater
keep on talkin
Take ya princess Lei and lay her on the table Im Goin deeper than a poem thoughts of rocking the cradle
My Verbal fatal now don't get a bite from a mako
You Testing waters GSE
leave em breathing harder than Vader
Suffocate ya
First they gonna love ya that hate ya
So keep ya mind on ya paper
And inspiration in dullest of places
Sam passed the windu that Hindu
We coming blazin
P rob ya of ya dignity in ya vascinity rippin we
leavi the battle front with a killing sprees
heavy artillery
blowing out ya Kennedy ya feeling me

Hustlers and Hardcore Raw Reservoir Dogs x4
Track Name: Episode IV

Taking a trip down memory lane like Nasir 94'
Back in the day before da whip da chips and grimy flows
The pen scribbling filling up papers with sketches of heroes
Was always on that solo never models in roles around my dome
Beside them dollar minus one cent issues
My issue was rather focus
Unfocused with dreams of flying
Like Jimmy snuka
Or tony stark, done closed my book up
Fell back to the world around me
Young and surrounded by mortality
And thoughts like "why'd this happen?"
Couldn't-ask most ain't know
So I got good at actin
Packed up mind 4 bein 9
A 9 to 5 way down the line would show me more though
- Heavy heart but tougher torso
More so as I was dreamin back to 02 during 09
Thinkin bout how Peter Parker would solve his problems and all mine
Never been one much in present rather past or future
Homeboys passed I chewed up, whatever was in them red feraris cut up
Still ain't seen them coffins



People get pissed When they ain't done shit
Feed you food for thought Could you digest it
Never been a scholar But I'm life tested
Only stars in the skies See the scars that we hide
Motherfuckers scared to die But some are livin lifeless
The world's a bloodsucker Blood you scared of vampires?
You watchin fox 5 See the fall of Empires
I love Lynn Six She survived a house fire
Lost everything that she had And still smile
People have it all but always look meanwhile
Oooh child Things will get easier
If you got bread We could chill lil cheesier
I got A flow That rocks like meteors
When I let it drop the last time It Extincted us
We need some new leaders Most of them ain't reaching us
If you wanna see change Look inside of each of us